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The Motivation

Pretty Boy Floyd

Floyd joined the Underdogs Team in September of 2017 at 9 months old. McKenna adopted Floyd through the Alternative Humane Society. He and 2 of his litter mates were surrendered to them when they began presenting signs of a virus called Distemper.

Once Floyd was treated, the virus had already affected his brain and he was faced with a 50% chance of survival. Following treatment, Floyd and both of his siblings survived!

As a result of the trauma to Floyd’s brain, he has epilepsy. He receives daily medication which prevents him from having seizures – his seizures are now under control which has made him a happier and healthier dog!

The deterioration of his health during a critical period in his development caused Floyd to act differently than many puppies his age. He lacked the emotional expression typically seen in puppies and adolescent dogs – these deficits made it hard for him to communicate his wants/needs and masked his quirky personality.

McKenna has worked very hard with Floyd to discover what he considers reinforcing and quickly got to work on building their relationship. It took months and months of hard work – providing Floyd with endless opportunies to express himself and “be a dog” to truly see what an incredibly unique individual he is.

Floyd now finds joy in many things, including:

  • Attending daycare at Hyline Hotel for Dogs.
  • Attending obstacles classes every week hosted by Mike the Dog Guy.
  • Participating in the Reading Buddies Program through the Whatcom Humane Society.
  • Swimming.
  • Social play with human companions.
  • Running for miles on the beach.
  • Meeting large, fluffy dogs & requeting that they chew on him.
  • Going on decompression walks with his brother or one of his best buddies,

McKenna is so thankful to have this docile, clumsy, awkward & quirky little pitbull in her life. His adoption may have presented itself with a few challenges; nonetheless, they were able to work together to build a relationship that can face even the toughest of obstacles. Floyd’s role in her life greatly contributed to McKenna’s fiery passion for working with dogs and strengthening the relationships between humans & their dogs.


  • Floydpants
  • Flodypants Likes to Dance
  • Floyd Master 3000
  • Pants
  • Zen Master Floyd
  • Floppy Floyd
  • Poyd


  • Snacks
  • Best Friends: Bonnie, Monty, Perry & Caira
  • Brother: Nelson
  • Sand Between His Toes
  • Snacks
  • Booty Scratches
  • Obstacles Class
  • Food Puzzles
  • Snacks
  • Zoomies in the Snow
  • Did we mention he likes snacks?

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